Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Unlimited movies: into my third year

Christmas 2013, my lovely wife gave me a year's unlimited movie going to Cineworld. Since renewing my card at the end of 2014, I have seen 137 movies.

After each film I write a two paragraph review of film followed by two paragraphs on the leadership theme hiding between the frames of the movie. And I have done this with every film I have seen at the cinema (but not the ones on TV: because that would be too silly/much!)

I have just renewed it for my third year so I have all of 2016 to look forward too: lots of great movies coming out soon. The Danish Girl will probably be the next one I see.

So to note this milestone, I thought I would list all the closing leadership questions from my #filmsinleadership blogs of 2015. You can find the original blog by clicking on each question.

Happy New Year!
  1. Who are your nearby leaders that help you?
  2. Who are you?
  3. What 'what if' plans have you made?
  4. Where do you draw the line?
  5. When did you last raise a smile or an eyebrow among your followers?
  6. How do you balance which is the more right action, of a set of possible options?
  7. How do you approach the challenge of helping someone discover their 'superhero' inside?
  8. As a leader, what was your last truly altruistic act?
  9. What are you waiting for right now?
  10. How can you help people let go of hoped for futures?
  11. How do you continue to demonstrate to those who look to you for leadership, that they can trust you?
  12. What conjuring tricks have you done as a leader?
  13. What are the tricks that some people use to make it appear they function well as a leader when in fact they don't....?
  14. What is your centre of gravity?
  15. What have you done today to sustain the trust that people have in you?
  16. How good are you at divining your own sources of passion?
  17. When did you last defend the integrity of your organisation?
  18. How do you know when to quit or when to persist?
  19. How well do you balance the head and heart of your leadership?
  20. How Chinese is your leadership?
  21. How is your faculty for judgement these days?
  22. As a leader, how much fear do you inspire... (even without necessarily wishing to)?
  23. Honestly... how are you doing?
  24. As a leader, how do you express your dreams?
  25. As a leader, how are you choreographic and music production skills? Do you lead a choir or a cacophony?
  26. What is your ethical framework?
  27. How are you developing your EQ?
  28. How will you know when it is right time to go?
  29. How good are you at sharing?
  30. When are you going away next?
  31. How far do you push it?
  32. When did you last quit? Why?
  33. How is your pacesetting?
  34. How good a talent spotter are you?
  35. What is the next old idea to be refreshed?
  36. Can you command that level of trust?
  37. How have you helped people learn from each other?
  38. What do you know to be right?
  39. What were the ethics in your last decision?
  40. Have you got a coach?
  41. How well do you harness your emotions in pursuit of good decision making?
  42. How good are you at managing your fear?
  43. How are you making your leadership work in this contractual environment?
  44. What was your last badge for?
  45. What aspect of Malala can you emulate?
  46. How do you go about spotting undiscovered talent and helping people unfurl this?
  47. Are you hooked?
  48. Do you count yourself as a strategist?
  49. As a leader, what is your fuel, your purpose?
  50. How good are you at framing, timing and asking questions?
  51. How well do you manage not knowing many things?
  52. What are you contributing?
  53. When did you last ask yourself those sort of questions?
  54. Are you a patient leader?
  55. When can you let go?
  56. What does it take to be a good talent spotter?

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