Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Not spooky enough

Spooks: The Greater Good was a disappointment. I loved the TV series and this was... just like another episode from the TV series... I expected something more. Bigger twists, bigger explosions, bigger locations, bigger... just something more than another episode. And the fact that I understood it almost all the way through, suggested to me a plot line that could have been more sophisticated.

You won't be bored: it rolls along at a fair crack. The acting is competent, believable and compelling. But, they didn't have much to work with. Sorry. It is not often I slate a film quite as much as this. Maybe if I didn't know the TV series so well, I would be more upbeat. This could have been so much better.

In this age of big data, evidence based practice and more management & leadership qualifications than you can shake a stick at, it is intriguing just how much we still rely on our gut feel, our nous, our hunches, our intuition... to guide us. I have always said, that if emotions were logical, we wouldn't call them emotions. And thus it is with the narrative of this film: it is based on ethics multiplied by emotion & intuition multiplied by wizened experience multiplied by fear.

Leadership needs all those qualities too. And in large quantities. And the sum total is called judgement. And often this judgement needs to be made in rapid time.

How is your faculty for judgement these days?


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