Friday, 16 January 2015

Taken too far

I do not know who penned the first ever trilogy or came up with the idea, but some trilogies should not be made. Matrix 3 comes to mind. And to this list, I now add Taken 3. I love Liam Neeson's character & the first two films were gripping & thrilling. This one is predictable, gratuitous and corny.

When I saw Luc Besson's name as one of the writers, I settled into my seat expecting a darn good movie. And the acting by Forest Whitaker is great. Taken (1) was credible (within the genre of this kind of stuff) and aside from the terrible bad luck of it happening all over again to the central character, so was Taken 2. But this one jumped the shark, sadly. Don't bother until it is a £3 DVD in W H Smiths.

A couple of days ago, the offices of South Oxfordshire District Council were burnt down in what could have been an arson attack. I am hoping and assuming that the leaders of that organisation would have prepared for such a possibility and have contingency plans in place. The council administers essential services for the local community (not least my brother who runs a taxi service in the area!)

Similarly, at one point in Taken 3, Liam Neeson's character retreats to his 'bat cave'-like stash of clean clothes, loaded guns, electronic wizardry etc... In other words he had prepared for a range of eventualities. Good leaders are doing this all the time: asking those 'what if' questions and ensuring that proportionate contingency plans & arrangements are put in place.

What 'what if' plans have you made?


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