Friday, 12 June 2015

Great in concept but...

I really wanted to be thrilled and delighted with Jurassic World but whilst it kept me on the edge of my seat... it irritated me. I will do the good stuff first: all the classic breathtaking horror of "are they about to be eaten alive" is there in abundance, and indeed some of the characters are summarily despatched in this way. The film pays due homage to its roots and if you like big snorting lizards steaming up the cinema screen, this is the film for you.

But some of the narrative was inconsistent, jerky and with a few clunky handbrake turns. "Oops, we have made this character just a bit too harsh, how can we soften them a bit... I know, we'll have a scene involving a dying brontosaurus and never mind there are slightly more pressing matters..." etc. I am being obtuse obviously, but see the film and you will get what I mean. I know it is a fantasy, but certain rules of human behaviour still have to followed... the narrative needs to be plausible. Nonetheless go and see this: you will be thrilled! (There is lots of embedded humourous references to other movies too...)

Friendship, loyalty even honour between beast and human is a key theme of this film. And understanding what is the real basis of those relationships is critical (you will see why).

Leadership, too, is all about relationships: loyalty, honour, commitment, friendship and all points in between. Some leaders seem to think it is all about just having a vision. It isn't. It is about conversations and building trust. People will comply with management but they will choose whether to be led or not.

Who have you chosen as a leader? Why? 


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