Thursday, 28 May 2015

Perfectly pitched

Pitch Perfect 2 is a swell movie! You will swell with the glorious music on show: some really excellent 'a cappella' arrangements (indeed, I am probably about to purchase the soundtrack). You will swell with laughter: there are some peach lines, especially those delivered by the two commentators ("See, that is what happens when you allow girls to go to college!") And you will swell with joy as you watch how the Barden Bellas rediscover their mojo & harmony.

This is a second movie that is better than the first in my view. The comedic timing is terrific, cinematography exceptional and whilst the narrative is predictable, there are (just) enough twists and turns to keep you keen. Who run the world? Currently (as said elsewhere), it is the Barden Bellas! Go see this.

Movies should be 'feel good' in my opinion. Of course, there are great movies that remind you bitterly of what a terrible world this can be. But I enjoy movies like Pitch Perfect because they are crafted to make you believe that the world is often and could be far more a beautiful & harmonious place.

Leadership is about not only making people believe things can be better, but also shaping efforts to make it a reality. Unlike a movie, leadership goes on well beyond two hours. The art of leadership is in focusing upon the details and the broader, longer picture in order to bring about change.

As a leader, how are you choreographic and music production skills? Do you lead a choir or a cacophony?


This is the ninety third of my 2014/2015 series of blogs about leadership ideas to be found in the movies of our time. You can read here as why I began doing this (with an update at the end of 2014). Please subscribe to this blog if you want to read more. Thanks. Click the label 'film' to see all the others.

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