Thursday, 5 November 2015

Witchery coaching

The Last Witch Hunter is jolly romp and nice day out for Vin Diesel's, Elijah Wood's & Michael Cain's talents. It is all fairly predictable, and the narrative gets a little convoluted at times (are we just being set up for a mini series on NetFlix?). It is mostly harmless but it probably won't have you gripping your seat. (I do worry about 12A cert films, as this is, when parents take six year olds along... shouldn't there be a lower age limit...?)

So special effects - tick. Smidgeon of humour - tick. Craggy smile from national treasure - tick. Steamy & brooding eyes from lead - tick. Love interest - tick. It will probably do even better on DVD. A pleasant Sunday afternoon watch...

While the lead character has some pretty fantastic powers, he is still paired with a priest to keep him in check, as it were. The priest is confidante, guide, organiser and ...historian. How many leaders do you know that have historians.

A good coach, of course, is all of these. In my view (and maybe I am biased!), good leaders have good coaches working with them. Coaches who can operate in all the roles that the priest in this film does (well maybe, not quite all of the roles!) are invaluable to leaders, no matter how competent and powerful they are.

Have you got a coach?


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