Friday, 13 November 2015


He Named Me Malala will blow you away. The film making itself has received some negative comment (as documentaries go, this is a bit jumpy) but frankly, I don't care. This is the amazing story of a courageous and inspirational young woman who dared to stand up to the Taliban. This is an incredible story. And her story is not over yet!

It is delightful to hear her brothers talking about her and Malala herself telling her own story - in her own words. The quiet strength and support of her Mum and the solidity and vision of her Dad ground the film. But do not be distracted: Malala is the author of her own life. I can only sit back and watch what happens next with her. Her life and her impact on the world, are only just beginning.

On a day when the world hears news of Aung San Suu Kyi's electoral victory after many years of patient & peaceful protest against the military leaders of Myanmar, I can only hope that Malala will follow a similar path: strong, determined and visionary leadership. I believe she will and I also want to believe that through her leadership, all girls (and boys) will get the education they need to create a fairer, more ambitious and abundant world. All children have the right to be happy and safe, and getting the education they need.

As with many such leaders, Malala is without spite or hate. This is what makes her leadership so amazing. May she go on and on.

What aspect of Malala can you emulate?


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