Friday 11 December 2015

The story behind 'Cracking Questions'

In one way or another, my life (both professional and personal) has been dedicated to helping others become and be powerful authors of their own lives. It has always seemed to me that too many people treat themselves, or allow themselves to be treated, as mere subjects in someone else's narrative. This psychological subjugation is bad for individuals, bad for communities and organisations, and indeed bad for our world.

We are demanding more and more of our finite world: as populations, needs and wants just get bigger and bigger. As a consequence, it is even more vital to provide what the world needs in the most economic, effective and efficient ways. So all organisations: business, public sector or third sector ones are, in my view, morally obliged to make all efforts to improve continuously. It also makes business sense too, of course.

Over the years, there have been many fashions in organisational development and improvement. From Time & Motion studies, to TQM, to BPR, to Knowledge Management, to Lean, to Transformation to blah blah, yada yada... And these fashions always come with a high price tag and shiny suited consultants who are the High (and highly rewarded) Priests of the new vogue.

So I figured, what was needed was this:
  • A short, simple and readable book that focused on helping people come up with their own creative ideas that would improve the ways in which business is done: more economy, efficiency and effectiveness
  • An approach which didn't rest on armies of external consultants to 'support' it (or indeed forests of flip chart paper to map processes to the nth degree)
  • A money back guarantee on the purchase: so if the book had no value, then I would refund what you paid for it. 
  • A growing hope that this book would help to develop more organisations that understand that everyone who works in them are partners, assets and co-creators of a common wealth from which more and more people can and should benefit
"Cracking Questions" is available from all the usual online book stores (with a Kindle ebook coming out very soon)

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