Monday, 16 November 2015

Moving on

Fathers and Daughters is well acted: the young girl (Kylie Rogers) especially is just brilliant. Russell, though at times a little wooden, redeems himself in his depiction of someone with some significant mental health problems. Amanda Seyfried is convincing and invokes empathy for her difficult character.

What holds the film back is that it is just a little too contrived, I feel. I think the audience is being set up to be moved in just too clunkier a way. The narrative could have had a few more twists and turns: a bit more subtlety? But for Russell Crowe fans none of this will matter. I do hope to see more of Kylie Rogers one day: she is star in the making.

The films poses the question: how much is our present defined by our past? Are we bound by past events to live our lives in certain ways or can we break free, and start afresh? I won't say how the film answers this question.

But I will say that leadership is all about making new futures. Whilst building on the past, leadership must be a process of constant reinvention so that organisations are dynamically matched to their strategic context. Leaders cannot afford to be hooked into the past: the present and future does not allow this!

Are you hooked?


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