Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Love at both ends of the bridge

Brooklyn is a solid movie: an old fashioned romantic film in the genre of Brief Encounter or Roman Holiday. Brilliant period costumes and evocation of 1950s New York & Ireland that will press all of your nostalgia buttons, even if you were not alive then!

Delightful and believable narrative with some memorable cameos from Julie Walters and Jim Broadbent. Great acting and cinematography. A story that will come close to breaking your heart... but not quite. A film about families, small town communities and ambition. A good film to cuddle up to: go see.

Where do you belong? This story is all about home, homesickness, belonging and family loyalties: and working out a way that balances all of these. Working out where you need to be is one of the biggest challenges of life.

Once a upon a time, people would join a company, organisation or profession and be there for life. Loyalty was a given. Now in an age when we have a growing number of zero hour contracts and a performance culture which makes continued employment contingent on good work, that psychological contract has been eroded. The relationships between employer and employee are now ephemeral and contractual. How does leadership work in this environment when at its heart, leadership is about two way loyalty?

How are you making your leadership work in this contractual environment?


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