Wednesday 23 December 2009

Leadership in three words?

Prompted by Professor Richard Wiseman (a very suitably named psychologist who is very active on the interweb: who has just asked people to sum up 2009 in three words (see this link if you are male and this one if you are female) - I thought I would ask you:

Which three words sum up the kind of leadership we need for 2010?

Please add your comments below. Thanks!


  1. Peter Neyroud23/12/09 12:23

    My three words for 2010 would be:
    - courageous
    - humble
    - determined

    Courage will be needed to deal with the scale of the challenges in the public sector and to be honest with staff.

    Humility will be required because noone has all the answers for the next few years

    Determination is going to be essential!


  2. Persevering Invigorative Visionary

  3. Binna Kandola23/12/09 13:13

    Responsible, ethical, respectful

  4. Integrity,Tenacity,Fortitude

    Iris M

  5. I struggle for three WORDS per se, but three sentiments...

    Pro-active = less sitting around, more doing.
    Authentic and integrated = understanding oneself and understanding the (very small, but potentially influential) role one has within the world.
    Influencing not controlling = leaders who let go of the need to control their world but are prepared to try to influence it.

    Cheers, Graham.

  6. Principled, respectful, resourceful. Someone who knows where they are going, respectful of those who are on the same journey and works hard to make sure everyone knows why and what for, and resourceful and inventive to make the trip successful.

  7. Jon,

    Here are my thoughts:


    There are so many others that I could think of too, however, it's three you wanted.

    All the best,

  8. Country, Business, Productivity.

    'Leaders' in 2008/09 failed to recognize the adverse implications of narrow business goals and action on their respective country's economy and its people.

    Raju Swamy (

  9. Authenticity and service.

    Warm regards, Phil

    Business Leadership
    MBL School of Coaching

  10. Empathy, Integrity & ability (to show the way from front). In that order all being necessary & not any one or two being sufficient conditions.

  11. 1) Go back to basics to understand its business-This will give him/her a chance to view the business from a different strategic point- AND (believe me its works!)
    2) Have a vast amount of trust in the employees
    3) Establish relationships with the communites to increase the value of the business-locally and globally

  12. 3 key words for INSPIRING leadership in 2010

    *VISION - have a clear and inspiring Vision that others can align to
    *VALUES - be clear about your values; breathe and live them at all times
    *PASSION - don't be afraid to share your passion for what you believe in - we follow willingly with our HEARTS as well as our minds.

    We need tough compassion to help us navigate the unchartered territory that is our brave new world ... Zoe aka the Quirky Traveller

  13. 1. Listen
    2. Learn
    3. Open to change (OK, so #3 isn't one word)...


    Dave Maskin "The WireMan"

  14. 1. Creativity
    2. Optimization
    3. Applicability

    Wallace Jackson, Mind Taffy Design

  15. We need leaders who are:
    1. Decisive
    2. Diplomatic
    3. Wise

  16. Jon; - Humble, Accountable, Experienced. It sure would be nice if I could add Successfull just before the "Experienced". Reguardless if it's a large or small project, reguardless if it's a small or large group, those three should invoke the team to enthuasticly follow.
    Just my three cents
    Larry Ellis

  17. Jon, My three words:
    * Collaboration
    * Brand Intervention
    * Revenue Opportunities

    I am of-course looking at the corporate world through its involvement in Social Media. 2010 is to me the year for collaboration.

    Peter B. Giblett

  18. Adaptable

    I think that we have to be adaptable to the changes that have come about in the last 18 -24 months. Business has changed and so has how we do business. Leaders in 2010 will be those who will be able to adapt to change.
    Humble leaders will go farther than those who are not. Being humble means knowing that we do not have all the answers, that there will be times when we apolgise for being wrong and give credit to others when we are right. It is knowing that we can not succeed or adapt or lead without the help and support of others.
    Aware. Leaders need to be aware of our surroundings, of our limitations, of our workers, and of our goals. Being aware means knowing when it is time to run and knowing when it is time to walk, when it is time to lead with authority and when it is time to step back and let those around you run with the ideas.
    I think that all of these traits will be needed in the next year as we enter this next year with higher expectations.

  19. Barry Toogood6/1/10 08:32

    * Numerate

    * Ruthless

    * Broad-minded

    Sorry if these don't follow the accepted corporate canon, but hard times require focus on business survival.


  20. Anonymous9/1/10 15:00


    Leadership – the “DAM” model:

    Develop – the vision of the organisation
    Align – the organisation to deliver the vision
    Motivate – people to do it

    Roger White

  21. sue briggs13/1/10 18:54

    My three words for 2010 in the context of leadership are: