Friday, 5 June 2015

Earth cracking movie

San Andreas is a real blockbuster: as in city block busting! I chose to see this in 2D as I thought I would probably be either overwhelmed or too distracted to watch it in 3D or even 4DX (Cineworld MK). The special effects are convincingly breathtaking and quite what it feels like to watch this movie in San Francisco, I would love to know.

The story is (of course - aren't all blockbusters like this) schmultzy and the narrative is almost entirely given away in the trailer. You will have to suspend disbelief a little... well a lot actually: there is no point being picky (for example) about how a speed boat would glide quite so effortlessly through the devastated & flooded streets of SF. Just go with it, as the characters appear to (!) and enjoy the spectacle. And be glad you don't (hopefully) live on a fault line... (And see if you can spot Kylie...)

In leadership terms, what is great about this movie is the range of styles on show. There is the heroic Rock at the centre of it all but his style is complemented by the leadership that comes from knowledge, from loyalty, from compassion and from love. Each character represents a different kind of leadership and each is essential to the plot and its resolution.

..Not much different from any organisation where different kinds of leadership are needed too. The tragedy in some organisations is an almost myopic focus and admiration of only one or two styles. Just like in anything, we need diversity of leadership.

How do you as a leader develop styles of leadership different to your own?


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