Monday, 18 May 2015

Rock Paper Scissors

I am not sure if I managed to miss Top Five when it first came out or it has only just hit Milton Keynes. Whatever is the case: this is a transcendentally honest and raw movie with some of the most moving dialogue I have heard in a long while. In my view, ignore any other reviews to the contrary: go and see this movie!

Chris Rock plays a man in search of himself while being interviewed by a journalist also in search of herself. I would compare this film to Birdman (in its loose autobiographical narrative) but in the way I found that film almost pretentious, Top Five is authentic to its heart. It felt more real, more urgent, more compelling. And it is comedic and funny in a way that Birdman was awkward and uncomfortable.

This is a film that is rigorously honest in its depiction of the seedier and more cynical sides of celebritydom including "a kiss isn't real unless it's on camera". As the internet & digital TV expands to encompass the growing legion of celebrities, how many would have the confidence to be quite so precise in their self-dissection as Chris Rock has been in this movie. How many leaders would be prepared to be so disclosing?

The first rule of leadership is be honest with yourself: what kind of leader are you and what do you aspire to be? What are you talents and what are your deficits? How will you build on and tackle them respectively? How will you keep yourself honest, even when those around you are (maybe) not telling you the whole truth. Remember, leadership cannot exist in a vacuum: leadership without interaction and impact is nothing.

Honestly... how are you doing?


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