Monday, 7 September 2015

Back of the class

I wanted to enjoy Bad Education as I liked the concept, hailing as it does from a long tradition of school class based (in both senses) comedy, beginning (for me) with Please Sir. But it just wasn't that funny. True, there are a few laugh out loud moments but these are far and few between (and mostly appeared in the trailer). The film starts with some awkward homage to ET that is not so much offensive and ridiculously over contrived...

Moreover, the depiction of Cornish people is not much short of racism. Maybe I am in the wrong demographic to truly appreciate this film, but I did not hear much laughter from the those who might be, sitting near me in the cinema. Puerile comedy can be funny, but this is not a great example of it.

Is Jack Whitehall the leader? Or do other members of his class occupy that role? Does there always have to be just the one leader? Or can leadership be distributed amongst several people, with individuals taking leadership in different areas?

What role does a leader have in ensuring that leadership is distributed? I think one of the key elements of a effective leader is not holding on to all the leadership but being prepared to coach others / allow others / seek others to share the leadership.

How good are you at sharing?


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