Wednesday, 10 June 2015

When dates go wrong

Man Up is a quirky romcom in the old tradition in that it is really funny and is very romantic. I am not sure that Simon Pegg would have been my first casting choice but he makes a very good male lead and is well balanced by Lake Bell who acts her part very well.

This is a film that you will be able to happily watch on the small screen if you don't manage to see it in the cinema. There are some neat twists and turns in the narrative and some brilliant cameos (Rory Kinnear is deliciously creepy!). You will enjoy this film if you liked Notting Hill or Four Weddings.

This film is laced with serendipitous spontaneity (or would that be spontaneous serendipity?) of the kind that makes you smile. And I think we smile because occasionally this happens to us: only yesterday I bumped into my brother at a service station some distance away from each of our usual stamping grounds.

Of course one can apply some sort of cosmic interpretation  to such events (star crossed lovers etc.) or just regard it as delightful happen chance & make the most of it. Good leaders do this: they take every occurrence (good or bad) & endeavour to capitalise on it - lightly, spontaneously & cleverly. 

What is your serendipity quotient? 


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