Monday, 16 November 2015


Angels vs Bullies is a independent film that has received nationwide distribution. I think it is a well made film with some excellent acting. This is not a Hollywood film and it is not as slick as you might be used to: but I think they have extracted many quarts out of their pint sized budget.

This film is inventive, funky and will, I think, reach the audiences it needs and wants to: school students. I am guessing the release of this film is timed to coincide with #antibullying week. The score is is great and the cinematography a little jerky but engaging. Go see this, enjoy and support new talent!

One of the things I loved about this movie is that a place in the narrative was found for many people: this is an inclusive film. Which of course, as any film which aims to have a campaigning message against bullying, should have. This film showcases talent in many ways.

Leaders too, need to act inclusively and find places for everyone's talent. It is often said that the best leaders are the ones who can spot and hire talented people. I agree, but I would also add that great leaders are ones who can spot talent in people and help them to develop it.

How do you go about spotting undiscovered talent and helping people unfurl this?


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