Friday, 31 July 2015

No intermission

Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation is a deliciously ludicrous (in the true sense of the word), action packed, edge of your seat and beautiful film to watch: I enjoyed it immensely. The baddies are only so menacing, the gunfights devoid of all blood and the sexual chemistry is at a level that even Disney would approve. Which all means that a) it's a 12A and b) you can just delight in the twists of the narrative and glory at the stunts.

I remember MI on TV when I was growing up and the theme tune still sends a shiver of excitement down my spine. These big screen versions are fast becoming one of my favourite film genres, probably second only to Bond (although watch out 007...) I look forward to MI... six (now there's a storyline...)

There is a moment in the film when Ethan is invited to walk away, forget what he does and start a new life. I will leave you to guess what he chooses... But at sometime all leaders face this dilemma.

There will be moments for every leader when she or he just thinks something like 'ah, what the heck, I just want to grow tomatoes'. Being a leader can be a gruelling, lonely and un-thanked role and the lure of just opting out can be overwhelming. There are times to go and times to stay, of course.

How will you know when it is right time to go? 


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