Friday, 17 July 2015

Good vibrations

Love and Mercy surprised me: I was expecting a standard biopic. Instead I was entranced by a compelling, fascinating and inspiring film that is as subtle and layered as the best Beach Boys' tracks. And just like some of their tracks the chord changes are sometimes hard to follow and sometimes seem out of place... but they are not: this film presents integrated insights into music, power, fame, families and love.

Tripping between the 60s and 80s, this film endeavours to explain the history of Brian Wilson's genius. It raises deep questions about the nature of mental health, creativity and friendship. The acting is seamless and the cinematography is stunning, using colour in some magical ways. This is a film to see - right up to the last credit. Wow!!

Some of the best bits of Beach Boys music are the silences, when you are waiting, hanging in there, for the next blast of notes. These silences draw you in to the music as your body hungers to fill the space. Leaders can use silence in the same way.

Sometimes people think that leadership is all about projection. And of course, at times, it must be. But leadership is also about invitation, asking a question, leaving a silence suspended, stepping back... in the hope and knowledge that another (or several) will feel driven to fill the space.

As a leader, how do you use space and silence?


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