Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Leadership: Your 2011 reading list has been delivered!

As anyone who reads my blog will know, I have been on the hunt recently for books, films, poems and whatever that have inspired people about their leadership. I sat down this morning to compile the collected list. I have uploaded it to Google docs for you to download as you wish.

Many people responded including some notable celebrities in the shape of Stephen Fry and Alistair Campbell. In the document (link here) is a list of suggestions from whole bunch of people from local government, third sector and other public services. There is also a smattering of consultants, several of my colleagues and some random contacts from Twitter (these are the @people in the list) and elsewhere.

I am most grateful to everyone for their suggestions and explanations. Thank you. In many ways, the comments and explanations around why a particular book or film made an impact are the best bits. 

Please enjoy and be inspired!


  1. Anonymous13/4/11 16:57

    Well, as Stephen Fry said ....

  2. Thank you. Who am I to challenge the great Mr Fry, of course. But it does seem as if some people do get inspiration from a whole range of places - some quite unexpected. And to be fair, he was responding to my earlier question about a book on leadership - rather than a book that inspired your leadership... he might have said something different then...