Thursday, 2 July 2015

Love is like riding a bull

The Longest Ride is a peach of a movie! This is probably the best and most romantic film I have seen in at least the last ten years. I adored the inter-generational theme, so ably portrayed by dear Alan Alda and resonant with The Notebook (by the same writer). I adored the embedded allegory that beginning a new relationship is a bit like riding a bull: how long are you going to stay together?!

This film has one of those rare 'punch in the air' endings that will leave you uplifted and grinning from ear to ear. You will be convinced (again) that love, really, is everything. Do go and see this film. If, like me, you are an unreconstructed romantic, you will want to see it again too.

This film is all about resolving difference: how can (what appear to be) polar interests and desires be reconciled? There are several moments in the film when it seems that there is nowhere to go, no path to tread that will lead to a joint future.

Are resolutions found? You will have to see the movie to find out. But are resolutions found in real life..? Perhaps all to often for poor reasons such as ego or an absence of creativity or an over adherence to certain principles, resolutions of polar opposites are not found. But where there is good selfless, creative and dynamic leadership... a new way forward can usually be discovered.

What have you managed to resolve in recent times? How?


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