Monday, 15 October 2012

Supercharging the Power of We

Today is international Blog Action Day.

And the theme this year is the 'power of we'. In other words it is about what we can do together to change the world for the better.

As chance would have it, I have just returned from the World Open Space on Open Space in London. This was the twentieth WOSONOS and 140+ people from across the world assembled in Stoke Newington to examine and develop Open Space practice.

It was a blast!

Reports of most of the 80+ workshops convened and ran during our few days together can be found here. The reports are many and diverse. Please have a browse. (There will be a more accessible and edited pdf file emerging before to long and if you want a copy, please register with the site above.)

Open Space is a process designed to get out of the way of people choosing to have the conversations they need to have in order to grow, develop, learn and create (etc.) - as individuals, groups and communities. Often when people come together, someone somewhere has decided the agenda that needs to be followed. In Open Space, the agenda emerges from those present.

In this respect, Open Space is wonderfully able to allow, help and encourage people to discover their own power of we...

You will know how Open Space can work if you can imagine a meeting or a conference where people use their time to talk about exactly what they need to talk about with people who share a common interest and even passion, unshackled by other people's agendas and interests.

You can find our more about Open Space from here or here - and many more places (just Google the phrase...)

But if you really want to discover how Open Space can super charge the power of we - why not consider coming along to the next WOSONOS in Florida next year? There will also be regional Open Spaces on Open Space in Egypt, Norway and Italy coming up soon too. (I will post details as soon as I have them).

Or contact me - I would be happy to talk with you.

And I will record here my sincere thanks to organising committee for WOSONOS 2012 and everyone else who helped make it a success - it was a sublime, affirming, fun and challenging few days. Thank you!