Friday, 17 July 2015

A cuddly toy?

Ted 2 is what you would expect: a romping retread of the original movie. The gags keep coming, most with about as much subtlety & finesse as a wrecking ball. I am not sure if you make a racist joke in an ironic post modern way that it totally neutralises the racism; but make up your own mind.

The acting is probably understated as it cannot be easy being in dialogue with some blank space: certainly all the characters are convincing (apart from the baddie who just does not cut it for me - too creepy to be a pantomime villain and not creepy enough to be scary). This is a crude, lewd and daft movie that will (unless you take offence at such humour) keep you amused and give you a few laugh out loud moments.

The legal question at stake in the movie is whether being human is about genetics or behaviour. I won't spoil how the narrative resolves this, naturally. Suffice to say: the answer is not straightforward. And that reminds me of the old apocryphal statement in a manager's appraisal: this person is not yet a born leader.

I regularly work with classes of 9, 10 and 11 year olds and I am always struck by the differences within the groups as to who puts their hand up to risk an answer to my questions... and who does not. Are the ones with their hands up the future leaders (or the quieter more contemplative ones)? But what strikes me more is the difference between schools and indeed classes within the same school: the teachers have so much influence on their pupils. In some places, most of the children are bursting with answers, comments and insights. In other places, they are not but for a few members of the class. So in the appraisal comment above, does that say more about the manager concerned... or the person conducting the appraisal (presumably the manager's manager...)???

How do you create born leaders?


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