Monday, 30 April 2012

Comparing Open Space and Unconferences

A couple of weeks ago (as my post below outlines) I attended my first unconference. I was interested to see how it would be different to the Open Space process that I know so well. What follows is my comparison - and it is after only one unconference. But here are my reflections - please add your thoughts too:

OS: Harrison Owen book 1993 (born 1985)
Unc: Bloggercon 1998

OS: Participants shape the agenda
Unc: Participants shape the agenda

OS: Native American
Unc: Sci Fi Geek

OS: 4 principles + 1 law: worked / explained
Unc: 4 principles + 1 law: mentioned / minimally explained

Social media
OS: Peripheral
Unc: Central

OS: People can read paper easily - put agenda on the wall
Unc: Everyone has a twitter account and knows how to use it - put agenda on twitter/social media

Topics / agenda
OS: Written in first hand by person suggesting the idea
Unc: Interpreted onto a spreadsheet by facilitator

OS: From the floor of the event
Unc: Both from the floor and predetermined (perhaps via social media)

Agenda scehdule
OS: Negotiated by individual sponsor / whole group
Unc: Set by facilitator

Follow up
OS: Whatever happens... and when its over....
Unc: Debates continue via social media

Have I been fair to unconferencing - indeed is my description of OS one that you would recognise?

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