Thursday, 2 July 2015

100 Minions

The trailer for Minions was really funny. The film as a whole is a chortle but did not quite grab me in the same way as Despicable Me, from which this is a spinoff. I cannot quite put my finger on why... perhaps it just seemed a bit too contrived and clunky? Maybe also because I accidentally saw this in the 4DX cinema at Milton Keynes and I had to cope with being thrown around, smoked and splashed... (I find 4DX a distraction: I wonder how the business plan is working out...?)

I wish I could be more enthusiastic but the gags and narrative just did not work for me as much I had hoped they would. Perhaps, film makers should not make trailers quite so funny? In other words: let the film be better than the trailer?

Near the beginning of the film, Kevin elects himself as Minion leader. He just assumes the role and carves out a new future for his Minion mates. But he is a leader in search of another: Minions (so the narrative goes) are drawn towards the baddest baddy around. Except of course, their hapless followership leads to disaster for their chosen baddy...

But how many leaders do you know who just became leaders because they were driven to do so? Are you one of those kind of leaders who has gained influence merely by being who you are, rather than any position you hold or were elected to? Such leadership is gold dust, in my opinion, because it shows a courage to stand up, stand out and be counted. Good leaders encourage this kind of leadership...

How many Kevins do you have in your organisation?


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