Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Comically self aware

Antman does not take itself very seriously and there are layers of cinematic self awareness rarely seen in any movie let alone a super hero comic book one. The lead character almost looks into the camera lens and smiles. Which only makes the film even more endearing and fun.

My only criticism is that the ants looked a bit plastic and I would have thought that CGI could have done a better job of them but perhaps they ran out of budget. But overall this is a subtle (yes truly!), funny and gripping film that I heartily recommend (if you like this genre). And the sequel is coming (again, make sure you stay to the end of the credits...)

A common theme of the superhero genre is the little guy (almost always 'guys', it must be said) who is thrust into a situation where their 'inner hero' is forced to emerge. Suddenly they find they can fight like Bruce Lee, have the courage of Sitting Bull and the charismatic allure of George Clooney... And of course, we can all believe (especially if we are 10 years old) that anyone of us is like that. I well remember running around the playground with my gaberdine macintosh buttoned up around my neck like a cape...

But there is an old adage from the One Minute Manager series of books: if you want people to be responsible, give them responsibility. Likewise, if you want people to show leadership, find ways in which they discover their own leadership.

As a leader, how good are you at creating the situations in which others discover their own leadership?


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