Thursday, 30 July 2020

Cracking Questions: as a series of podcasts

Aside from the traumatic human cost of Covid19 across the world, the pandemic is set to ravage the business models and disrupt the carefully crafted strategies of almost all organisations, commercial and public. This is the time when these organisations need to engage with radical and agile transformation of how they do their business. The lockdowns and impending economic crisis have not just moved the goal posts, they have re-turfed the pitch and digitised the stadium as well. 

When I wrote 'Cracking Questions' some years ago, I aimed to create a book that would help leaders shape their organisations to meet the challenges of unknown futures and still be as successful, if not more so. The book is based on the simple idea: inside every organisation are the innovative sparks and creative geniuses that just need to be allowed to use their flare and build a more productive enterprise. The questions in the book were designed to help people rediscover their own ingenuity and verve for designing better ways to do business. 

And so faced with the pandemic, I pondered on how I might help businesses 'build back better'. I decided to turn my book into a series of podcasts that anyone could listen to as they went to sleep, went for run, or cooked the evening meal (and so forth). Today I finished the last pod case (number sixteen) which is now available for all to listen to. You can still buy the book of course (with its money back guarantee) if you so wish. 

But here is main link to my soundcloud channel: All the podcasts are on their, beginning with this one:  

The rest all there too - please just subscribe to the podcast channel and I think they will all be available to you. Please enjoy and hopefully these podcasts will help you to think about how to develop your strategy so that it is able to meet the shifting economic sans of this crisis.