Thursday, 24 September 2009

Saying sorry - an act of leadership

Everyone gets things wrong sometimes. Some people seem less inclined to own up to when thing go wrong.
A good sorry almost certainly involves
  • Being clear about what you are sorry for
  • Being aware of and recognising the hurt caused by your action
  • Taking responsibility for what you did and not blaming someone or something else
  • Saying the word ‘sorry’ and asking for some kind of forgiveness
  • Saying and meaning that you intend never to do what you did again
  • Offering to help or recompense to the person in some way

When was the last time you said sorry at work?

How did it feel?

Did you mean it?

UPDATE: Great article in Nursing Times about this too:
A sincere apology that expresses regret and acknowledges shortcomings can help patients come to terms with something that has gone wrong - and can also help nurses
 Click here for the full article

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