Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Zootropolis (Zootopia in the US - heaven knows why...) is a must see movie! Go and see it this evening, or even this afternoon if you can make it! You might be sitting next to bunch of eight year olds who just think it's a fantastic jolly animal cartoon. But you will know by the end that it is an extraordinarily subtle, funny and satirical allegory for a world corrupted with hate, prejudice and intolerance.

Oh yes: and see it for the sloth scene alone, which had me falling off the seat in hysterics. This is a good movie. Perhaps one that should be shown to all primary school children as part of the Government's 'Prevent' campaign. Great plot, great voice over acting, great animation. A film to surprise and delight you! Who could not love a film with a perky feminist bunny and a sly fox with a heart of gold..!

So many forms of leadership are on display in this movie from the avuncular, if slightly dim, mayor to the keen bunny who just wants to win over everyone with her energy and charm. And with many variations in between: including fear, manipulation, force, humour, appeasement and doughnuts.

This is a film about diversity (loving the doors on the train!) and how there are always great variations in both leadership and those who choose to follow. There can be no single form of leadership that is always correct. As the world is diverse, so must be leadership.

Within your leadership team: how much diversity of style is there?


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