Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Unique masterpiece

Anomalisa is an unforgettable film: one that will leave you wondering and marvelling at both the animation skills and the narrative. This is a must see film! It is difficult to say too much about it as doing so will, in all likelihood, give too much away.

But just know this: this film will not proceed as you might expect. It will make you think about the world in a very different way and in that respect it is a true of work of art. Great art disrupts us and interrupts our usual way of seeing things. This film does just that. Go and see it... now. As another reviewer (or more) has said: this film is a masterpiece.

This film is about many things. One of those things is authenticity. Being true to oneself and speaking authentically to others is what marks a great leader. Leadership is built on authenticity. Of course, it is deliciously ironic that an animated movie should be about being real: feeling real and seeing that in others.

Since it has been established that once you can fake sincerity, you've got it made (variously attributed), it might be said of authenticity too. Except, I think, authenticity is only really felt on the inside: only a leader knows whether she/he is being authentic or not...

Are you always authentic?


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