Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Hail the Coen brothers!

Hail Caesar is a peach of a movie. It is, in my view, a near perfect film as it surprises, delights, tickles and shocks in delicious measures. There are some wonderful vignettes that all hold together in this 50s Hollywood romp that will leave your cheeks aching.

The acting, the dancing, the sets and the costumes are sublime. This is one of the best Coen Brothers' movies I have seen in a long time. It even beats the Big Lebowski. Go see it, and on the big screen: it is worth it for the set piece dances.

The lynchpin character's loyalty is tested throughout the film and of course I won't say how that story line plays out. But it got me thinking about loyalty and how much of a person's loyalty to a business or organisation is dependent on the leadership they get...

And I conclude, quite a lot. Not everyone, of course, will up sticks if their loyalty is tested to destruction by poor leadership. But perhaps even worse, they will stay and just be that little less innovative, committed, helpful as their loyalty has been eroded.

So how do you know whether your leadership is boosting or reducing the loyalty of the people you lead?


Blog 155: in my 2014/15/16 series of blogs about leadership ideas to be found in the movies of our time. You can read here as why I began doing this (with an update at the end of 2014 and 2015). Please subscribe to this blog if you want to read more. Thanks. Click the label 'film' to see all the others.

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