Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Singled out

How to be Single is... OK... The dialogue at times is brilliant and the humour is rib tickling. Rebel Wilson is (as always) excellent: she has great comedic timing and I hope will be around for many years to come. But the story confused me. I know I am easily confused, but there seemed to some loops in the narrative that did not quite work for me. I did miss the first five minutes... but that not ought to matter that much... ought it? Maybe I am just not in the target demographic.

So, script and narrative: great, mostly. Acting: also good but not stand out good. Overall feel: a good romcom that could have been just that little bit tighter. One to wait for until it gets to DVD? Probably a good date movie though (ironically... dangerously?)

Towards the end of the movie there is nice reveal, not a huge twist, just a neat surprise about one of the characters. Should leaders be surprised about what others can do or have in their metaphorical kit bag? At one level, yes but at another, no...

Of course good leaders should always be prepared to be surprised by the hidden talents of the people that they lead. You just never know... But also: great leaders are good at creating the conditions within which these talents can emerge and blossom.

How good are you at creating the conditions within which people can showcase their talents?


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