Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Not many films make me angry... (SPOILER ALERT)

I was expecting an action movie with lots of explosions. Which indeed London Has Fallen is. But what I didn't expect to see is half of the Metropolitan Police suddenly turn into gun toting terrorists: which is both ludicrous and offensive. Would the producers have made a film in which the US National Guard were found to be riddled with terrorist sympathisers? No. I thought not.

And essentially this film is a computer game turned into a movie. I like books of movies and movies of books. But a film that centres mostly on people running around corridors shooting at each other is frankly tedious. And the notion that two people in a crashed helicopter who are not even wearing seatbelts (huh?) can walk out of the wreckage and then run around is just too silly for words. But if you want to see some great special effects of what London would look like with a few buildings blown up... do go and see it.

The theme of this film is almost 'don't trust anyone!' Anyone you think might be friend could easily turn out to be an enemy. (And on that basis, shoot first and ask questions later, if you can be bothered.)

Who do leaders trust? Who can leaders trust? I am not suggesting that leaders are surrounded by enemies out to take them down. But it is likely that many leaders will not always know in whom they can confide. I think good leaders make sure that they have a confidante - someone they can trust to listen, not betray confidences and bounce ideas around with, maybe even crazy ideas.

Who is your confidante? 


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