Monday, 4 January 2016

Truth stranger than fiction

The Danish Girl is an amazing film that will, if you let it, leave you thinking about the nature of gender, sexuality, love, loyalty and sanity. The acting is nothing short of stupendous. Arguably, Alicia Vikander has the tougher part to play and does it finely.

I found the film crept up on me, burrowing away against any preconceptions of what it means to be a woman, or indeed a man. And, as i have said before, the unsung heroes of modern day films are the costumers and make-up artists who excelled themselves with this movie. I hope they are, at the very least, honourably mentioned at the Oscars in a few weeks time. Go see this movie!

After watching the film, I researched the background a little more and found the true story to be even more incredible than the one depicted on screen: try looking for it yourself. Which, of course, is just a small example of the information at our fingertips these days.

And this is true of all leadership now: information, comment, insights, alternative views are as easily available to leaders as they are to those whom the leader is seeking to lead. Once upon a time, information was power but that is less so now. Leaders have to be more than that which can simply be searched.

How has your leadership had to change in an era of social media and easy research?


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