Monday, 11 January 2016

Multiplying Dads

Daddy's Home is a jolly romp of a silly movie but with some deeper undertones about what it really means to be a father and (speaking personally) the tricky challenges of being a step dad. There are some superlative comedic moments including the brilliant fall by the cheerleader (who deserves an Oscar just for that 2 second scene) and the terrifically congnizant product placement 'ad' towards the end of the film: inspired

It is easy to be picky about movies like this (would the mother react in quite the way she did?) and whether such a story could ever happen in real life etc but that doesn't matter one jot. This is a silly film and go with that in mind and you will probably laugh out loud like me.

There is a delightful part of the narrative around conflict resolution with an interesting and novel approach being taken during the movie: which will make you smile. Leaders need to be brilliant at conflict resolution because where ever there are people, there will be conflict.

What is your approach to resolving conflict? Are you fixed on one approach or do you have a range of approaches depending on the issue being confronted? How do you assess which approach to use?

How flexible and appropriate is your approach to conflict resolution?


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