Friday, 8 January 2016


Every now and then, I see a film that stands out from the crowd. Joy is one of those films. You must see this one! The dialogue is delicious, the narrative is quirky and alluring, and the acting is just so slick and effortless. Jennifer Lawrence is in her element: a true dramatic force. Just superb!

This film will make you smile, laugh, cry and (if you are anything like me) punch the air with elation, several times. This is a most uplifting film that has created a magical mix of characters and events that will stay with you for long time. I repeat, go and see this movie, now!

This film is an object lesson in leadership and the value of total, iron clad determination to succeed. Joy, just, never, gives, up. She is beset with hurdles 10m high yet manages to overcome them... The question is how, and how do you develop such determination? Or is such determination something you are either born with or not?

I think we are all born with a strong determination to succeed: to survive (and more) often against the odds. And all our lives are filled with obstacles: some far more than others of course. Leaders are good at carrying on carrying on. Arguably that is what defines a leader. But I think the question is really not who has determination to succeed (we all do) but where and by how much we choose to deploy it...

Where are you deploying your desire to succeed?


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