Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Grubby Grandpa

Sometimes I wonder how some films get to be made. Dirty Grandpa is one of them. I can find lewd and crude humour as funny as the next person... but this film just wasn't that funny. There are a few wry and ribald moments but mostly it is stuffed full of tired clich├ęs.

I had hoped that with the actors involved, there would be some insightful and moving redemption towards the end that would somehow counter balance the crude and 'groping for plausibility' storyline up until then. But nope. There was nothing to redeem this film. Mr De Niro and Mr Ephron must be laughing all the way to the bank. I rarely bother to read other people's crits of films I choose to see. This film has made me review that policy...

This film is in the classic genre of "should I or should I not marry this person?" films, where either the bride or groom to be goes on a 'journey' of discovery to come to one answer or another. Why it always has to take a journey to resolve such dilemmas is something I don't quite get, especially in this case. But I do think walking around with a dilemma helps.

Leaders do well to walk around lots. Not just because it gets them out and about, meeting people, hearing snippets of information that would probably not come their way by any other means... but because the act of walking, the rhythm, is good for the brain, I think. Dilemmas can be resolved in this way.

When was the last time you went for a walk at work?


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