Tuesday, 24 May 2016

My kind of film

There is one word that sums up Our Kind of Traitor: taut! This is a gripping thriller of the highest calibre with strong acting and a plausible narrative that will keep you guessing as it weaves between Marrakesh, Paris, London and the Alps.

I could make a case that this could well have been a TV series and maybe could still have attracted the same calibre of actors. But sometimes, you need the quiet of cinema to focus on the plot line and sink into feeling that you are part of the film. This is an excellent edge of the seat movie. Go see it!

A critical part of the story is when one character decides to trust another with something of life threatening importance. And for the sake of the story, these two people have never met before but are randomly thrown together.

Some people have argued that some of the most successful leaders are those that are able to spot and appoint the best people to their management teams. But there are some strong arguments in favour of more rounded selection processes that assess candidates for a position. Without a doubt, good leaders are able to get the measure of people, often fairly quickly. But whether this is a skill that can be unpacked and acquired is a moot point...

What clues do you look for when seeking to choose someone?


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