Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Liberty Equality Fraternity?

Bastille Day is good electric roller coaster of a thriller: action, chases, twists and turns, with (I think) some cinematic references to The French Connection and Diva (and probably others). I won't list them, but there are some narrative holes... but you can gloss over those and ignore them. (Or they might irritate you to bits!)

Direction, cinematography and acting is tight: Idris Elba putting in his bid to be the next Bond perhaps? Clearly the movie is set up for a sequel which I think could and should be better than this one: more plot and less set up. A good film to see

A key point in the narrative hinges on spotting patterns and and having the intuitive confidence to act on this. Seeing patterns is what (in part) makes us human, I believe. We can all see shapes in the clouds...

But how well do we harness this ability in the workplace? As a leader, do you create the conditions in which people with a hunch, can act on it? Or is your workplace so constrained by strict procedures, and limits on authority so tight that the ingenious power of your staff to spot and act on some pattern happening is squashed?

How can leaders ensure that patterns can be harnessed?


Blog 166: in my 2014/15/16 series of blogs about leadership ideas to be found in the movies of our time. You can read here as why I began doing this (with updates at the end of 2014 and 2015). Please subscribe to this blog if you want to read more. Thanks. Click the label 'film' to see all the others.

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