Tuesday, 24 May 2016

A totally glorious movie!

I had to be persuaded (by my good wife) to see Florence Foster Jenkins as I could not quite get what the point of it was... But I am very glad that she did, because this is a thoroughly marvellous movie that blends humour, pathos and romanticism into an almost perfect fusion. Combine this with the sets, costumes and music (yes, the music - especially Frédéric Chopin) and this is a beautiful and uplifting film.

Meryl Streep continues to surprise and amaze me with her acting: there is nothing this woman cannot do. Watch her eyes in this film, especially. And Hugh Grant is fabulous: he really does have depth after all! And the rest of the great ensemble combine to tell a strange but poignant story that will delight you. Go see this!!

We all know the story of the emperor's clothes where he is persuaded to believe his new garments are so fine that although he cannot see them, they are there nonetheless. In a not dissimilar way, the lead character in this movie is allowed perhaps even encouraged to believe she can sing. When does self belief become self delusion?

Leaders need to believe in themselves and have confidence in what they are saying, doing and deciding. But leaders also need people who can tell them the truth, even if it hurts. Without these truth tellers, leadership can become a very fragile thing...

Who are your truth tellers?


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