Monday, 26 October 2015

Stranger on the shore

The Intern is a delightful intergenerational film that, whilst not looking for side splitting guffaws, will quietly make you smile and chuckle. This is a uplifting film that will appeal to a demographic that values ageing, tenderness and the application of wisdom.

This is film embedded with the hope that there is always something to learn, it is always possible to make amends to move on and it is always possible find love, even when that seems unlikely. De Niro, Hathaway & Russo give this film a warm vibrating timbre.

In most organisations, the barriers between people learning from each other are legion. These barriers can include status, gender, age, experience and so on... Often people not so much refuse to learn from others but simply do not conceive of the possibility that they might.

The job of a good leader is to break down such barriers and enable, persuade, nudge and maybe even cajole people to search out colleagues to learn from. As humans, we are learning all the time: why don't organisations harness this knowledge as much as they can? Good leaders make that happen.

How have you helped people learn from each other?


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