Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Not so hot

I really wanted to like Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials as I felt a little guilty after being not especially enamoured with the first film (see my write up here) due to seeing it in a Serbian cinema with subtitles, while the audience talked all the way through it... Perhaps the sequel would be better...? Sadly, it isn't.

The film comprises of a tedious set of scenes of people running all over the place, sometimes across post apocalyptic deserts or through cavernous industrial buildings. Yawn. Why don't they just leave off the film making and make a computer game instead, to which the narrative is much more suited. Sadly these are forgettable characters in a forgettable plot. I will not be bothering with the third one.

The job of a leader is to lead which often (though not exclusively) means being out in front, setting the pace. Sometimes leaders set too fast a pace and end up some distance away from those they are seeking to lead. The bigger the gap, the less the leadership in my view.

The art of good leadership is keeping the gap within reach and where necessary increasing the acceleration, but not by too much. Leaders can and should be pacesetters but they are not in a race. Pacesetters draw people on to greater performance but they are not competing.

How is your pacesetting?


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