Thursday, 22 October 2015

No Hal

The Martian is a triumphant film: pure Sci-fi story about an astronaut surviving against the odds on a hostile planet. There's no artificial intelligence involved: no Hal present to slowly and inexorably undermine the central character's mental health.

The editing and direction are seamless - and the acting about as convincing as it could be. You will believe you are watching a film made on the red planet. This is a hopeful and optimistic movie - one to definitely see.

This is a film about resilience and creativity.  Mars is the classic burning platform which drives the marooned astronaut to higher and higher levels of risk and innovation. There is nowhere else to go.

Should every business or organisation spend some time on Mars, metaphorically? How can leaders create this compelling urgency to shed all past attachments to practice and think afresh about just how to deliver superlative and competitive services? This will hinge on whether people will really believe the leader's request to innovate because there is no alternative...

Can you command that level of trust?


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