Thursday, 30 June 2016

Who is the alpha dog?

The Secret Life of Pets was always going to be a winner: with that title how could you fail? The idea that pets do some strange and miraculous things when we are not looking is just delightful: it certainly delighted the youngsters I heard laughing in the cinema when I went.

The narrative is a little bit shaky and does not quite loop around even in this universe where animals can drive vans and organise underground inter-species meetings. But it is very funny and full of some great visual humour. You can probably wait until it is out on DVD. But do see it.

The story hinges on a difficult relationship between two dogs who are thrown together. Their ability to bury their differences (or not) provides much of the fuel for the narrative. Who will be the alpha dog?

As leaders, do we always expect to be in charge? Do leaders expect to be the 'alpha dog'? Or is their leadership in letting go? Perhaps true leadership is shown not by always getting one's own way but by ensuring the decision making process is one in which the right way emerges...

As a leader, are you always in charge?


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