Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Busy busy busy (3)

Stuff, just stuff!, is taking up quite sometime at the moment. So again - three films to intrigue - short reviews:

I didn't know whether to take Gods of Egypt seriously or not. Special effects wise it is a stunning film inhabited by stunning people. The story is convoluted (to say the least!) and gives an impression of trying to be in epic mode but some of the lines are just too corny for words... Leadership Theme: keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

Even though we all knew how Independence Day: Resurgence was going to end, they managed to string it out in an almost unpredictable way. Sfx are of course amazing and there are some sweet cinematic allusions (watch for the wing mirrors). Overall, it is harmless, but good to see on the big screen. Leadership Theme: do everything that you can to avoid confusing madness with great insight.

Learning to Drive is quaint and charming film about two people's journeys colliding over driving lessons in New York. There are no car chases or steamy love scenes, just some quite reflection on what love means and the importance of family. Leadership Theme: help often comes from unexpected places. Look for the unexpected...


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