Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Good Queen Hunting

The Huntsman: Winter's War is cracking good movie with plenty of pace, humour and an engrossing narrative (for a film of this kind). I like the way that the film wraps around the previous movie: a sort of sequelprequel. I have not seen the previous film but that did not get in the way for me.

There are some meaty narrative tensions around love, betrayal, reconciliation and revenge. I know this is from a fairy tale universe, but occasionally it would be good to have a film where the baddies are not vanquished and love does not (eventually) conquer all... But there again, would anyone want to see such a film? This is a film to be enjoyed.

One of the aspects of this film that I like a lot are the many strong female characters that inhabit the film. I like this because, typically films of this kind (fantasy epics) do not. It is even rarer to enjoy the performance of a female comedic lead (well done Sheridan Smith).

As always, diversity adds strength and vibrancy to an ensemble. The art of good leadership is to make sure that such diversity is always present through carefully designed non-discriminatory and open recruitment and development strategies.

How diverse is your leadership?


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