Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves

Sisters is a great movie: lewd, rude, sometimes poignant and very funny. Yes it is corny and some of the humour is a bit stretched but it will have you giggling. And be sure to watch the closing credits which include some funny out-takes.

The two leads ably demonstrate their comedic skill and are well supported by a good range of other actors. I especially liked the drug dealer and the parents: all have some very good lines. So a great laugh out loud movie. Will be hot sell on DVD too.

Part of the comedic narrative hinges on one of the sisters agreeing to be the 'Party Mom': ie staying sober and in control of the festivities, able to exert authority / leadership should the need arise. So do leaders always have to be in control of themselves (and others)? Or are there times when a leader can let their hair down and be off duty, as it were? Can a leader choose not to be the leader?

My answer is probably not. Leaders once recognised are always being judged. In this sense, the leader is always the 'Party Mom' whether they want to be or not. The art of good leadership, is still having a good time!

When can you let go?


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