Wednesday, 20 July 2016

A tall tale

Tale of Tales is an intriguing and hypnotic film that draws you in to an increasingly surreal world that at one level seems entirely ordinary but then turns your assumptions upside-down. The films weaves together some bizarre fairy tales which serve to remind you that fairy tales are at their core, often quite horrific and gruesome.

You will not fall asleep as these stories keep you wondering where they will turn next and whether any of the characters live happily ever after. And I won't tell you except to say that some of the characters undergo something of a transformation. An intriguing film that will linger in your mind for quite sometime! Some of the cinematography and sets are stunning.

One character shines out as a leader from the film. They manage to rise above the adversity they experience and become confident, strong and decisive. The sorts of qualities we always wish to see in a leader. This is from a character who earlier in the film appears to be the essence of meekness and compliance.

Can people (not currently leaders) become leaders? Can leaders become better leaders? Can better leadership be coached in or only out of a leader? What role do those who are being led have in helping their leader be a better leader? And if a leader loses the confidence of those they are meant to lead, can that ever be recovered? The lessons from this film are yes, yes, out of, an important but not critical one and the jury is out although coming through adversity and growing in confidence, can make a real difference... All relevance of these questions to the current leadership election in the British Labour Party is entirely yours to be made (or not so).

Are there different kinds of leadership?


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