Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Luke warm pursuit

Hot Pursuit never really got going for me, despite all the wise cracking, car chasing, gun toting cops that riffled across the screen. The story felt tired, like a curious mash up of Witness, Miss Congeniality, Thelma & Louise and Blow. It was also just too preposterous (and featuring some rather tedious stereotyping) to be in any way convincing...

Again, this is another example of where the trailer editor ought to get an award for business development rather than the director of the whole movie. Reese Witherspoon is so much better than this: how could she make this after (for example) Wild or Legally Blond? Disappointing, I am afraid.

Part of the comedic narrative rests on the reputation earned by Reese Witherspoon's character due to a miscommunication in a time previous. It highlights that no matter how good a leader you might be, any leader can be subject to a happen chance event that can change a reputation overnight.

As leaders know, reputation is often hard earned but can be so easily lost. The question is: what can a leader do not only to build & maintain a solid reputation but also ensure that reputation is robust, able to withstand a glitch of a moment? And those moments may not always be avoidable despite earnest actions always to be consistent with one's reputation.

What are you doing to ensure your reputation is robust & resilient?


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