Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Still here, still changing

The Age of Adaline is in a similar genre as the The Time Traveller's Wife: scifi lite with a good dose of romanticism. I know that makes me sound cynical but I enjoyed this film. However, despite the excellent acting by the lead player (playing both a young and old woman in the same body) and a stellar cast - this is only a good (not great) film. As a romantic film, it didn't quite tear at my heart strings and as a scifi movie is was a bit clunky & unimaginative.

As a package, it just about works... but there are films like this that work better. I loved Frequency for example. A bit more romantic back story was needed, and bit more scfi magic would have added an extra (and needed) something to this movie. But you will enjoy it.

Good leadership delivers a sense of stability and well as hunger for change. No leader can stand still and not age: leadership is about being here now. And the now can throw all manner of challenges, some expected, some come in completely from the left field. The art of leadership is finding the 'always' in the things that are always changing, and finding the energy for change within the always.

In this respect, modern leaders are discovering what Mao Zedong talked about in his approach to continuous revolution: The idea of continuous revolution implied that the function of the Communist Party was ...to enable and guarantee a process of development which gave a Marxist form to popular aspirations and to supervise a continuous process of change. If the world should know anything, it is to never underestimate the Chinese. Never forget that they were talking about handling change long before the rest of the world.

How Chinese is your leadership?


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