Thursday, 1 January 2015

Leaders need leaders

The Theory of Everything is a remarkable film about a remarkable man and his remarkable wife. Don't go and see it if you think it is a film version of his famous book. But do go and see it if you want to be blown away by the courage, tenacity and humanity of Stephen and Jane Hawking. This is a film that will humble and amaze you.

The acting is breathtaking, the sets and costumes superlative (I so remember that fad for stoneware teapots in the seventies) and the humour is just delightfully understated. The lead actor may well be a shoe-in for an Oscar. By coincidence, this film reverberates with 2015 word of the year: hope. Where there is life there is hope which the film evidences in bucketfuls. This is a must see movie!

I am one of perhaps many people who bought A Brief History of Time but never got around to reading it! One day maybe! But I know that Professor Hawking has changed physics and our understanding of the universe for ever. His ideas leadership is second to none.

But what struck me from the film is how much of his leadership he could have unfurled without the leaders around him who inspired him, honoured him, loved him, supported him and challenged him. Notably of course is his wife and mother of his children, but also many others feature. It is rare to find a leader who does not have other leaders nearby...

Who are your nearby leaders that help you?


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